Internet services that deliver speeds of up to 100Mbps symmetrical and asymmetrical with limited and unlimited usage. In our platform, we have more than one source of the internet to deliver a high speed and stable internet to our customers.

Broadband from Nuetel provides solutions for business and residential customers with high-speed access to the internet and corporate network. Broadband from Nuetel is an ideal service for developing businesses in need of high speed internet connectivity with no fuss.

This is an unmatchable jump in bandwidth that can be provided for Nuetel’s customers opening the door for advanced bandwidth intensive services such as video, gaming, disaster recovery, and etc.

Unlimited Usage High Speed Internet Connectivity

Unlimited Broadband packages from Nuetel provides steady, continued and uninterrupted connections with symmetrical speeds, a whole new world of applications is open for you from basic activities like web surfing and email up to online gaming, video on demand, video conferencing, IP Surveillance and etc.

Limited Usage High Speed Internet Connectivity

Limited Broadband packages from Nuetel provides connection with Volume Base Asymmetrical Down / Upload speeds.

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