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Nuetel is a hosting company that owns and operates its own world class datacenter. The datacenter is relatively new, put into operation in 2007. This provided Nuetel a unique opportunity to build the center from the ground up according to the most recent standards available. We have built the center to withstand the most rigorous standards and needs of our customers. In particular, Nuetel referred to the ANSI/TIA 942 standard for datacenters, the only approved standard in existence at the time and PCI – DSS standards for security. These standards call for rigorous procedures in all facets of datacenter operation.

The rest of this short overview summarizes some of the key elements of the Nuetel datacenter operation.

Floor Plan




 Security is one of the most important aspects of datacenter operation to Nuetel and its customers. It provides a secure facility that has passed many customer audits. Nuetel maintains a security policy according to the PCI-DSS standard. Nuetel provides locked access to the building and to the computer room(s). Only qualified staff are allowed in the computer rooms. Nuetel provides video surveillance throughout the facility and stores digital video for at least 30 days. Customers are required to read and sign data center procedures before Nuetel allows entry to the computer room; in addition to providing ID card for any access. Nuetel enforces sign-in procedures and logs all entry to computer rooms. Once inside the computer room all server and network equipment is in closed and locked cabinets, there are no open racks.

Nuetel secures critical networks with firewalls and/or intrusion detection systems. Special software monitors the logs from firewall and IDS systems to report events that need attention.

This is a brief summary of the security procedures enforced at Nuetel. See the data center specifications for more information.


Reliability is another key goal of the Nuetel data center. Nuetel considers itself a tier 3 data center according to the uptime institute definitions. The measured uptime of the Nuetel backbone network over the last three years is 99.997%. Achieving this uptime over a long three-year period is due to Nuetel’s knowledge, network architecture, and procedures.

Nuetel maintains at least an N+1 architecture in power, cooling, and networking. Nuetel utilizes physically diverse Internet connections and network entry points into the building. The Chloride (Emerson Network Power) UPSs are configured as N + 1 with automatic bypass and with generator backup. The generator(s) also support the cooling systems. The computer room air conditioners are maintained with N+l redundancy and maintain the room at the temperatures and humidity required by the ANSI 942 standard.

Customers have the option to connect to the Nuetel backbone with redundant network connections and use redundant A/B power going through separate circuit breakers (and private socket) for the highest level of reliability all the way to the customer’s equipment.


To keep peak performance, Nuetel uses full gigabit per second fiber connections to the Internet and supports at least gigabit speeds in its backbone network. Customers have the option to connect to the backbone at 1 gbps, 100 mbps, 10 mbps, or custom speeds as needed. Nuetel monitors its connections for low packet loss and low latencies and provides appropriate SLAs to customers to ensure high performance. Packet loss is effectively zero with latencies in the backbone on less than 1 millisecond.

Nuetel also monitors connections on the general Internet to make sure its Internet providers continue with a high-performance service.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Nuetel constantly monitors and maintains its datacenter. Every piece of equipment has a maintenance plan. All key networking elements including routers, firewalls, CRACs, UPSs, servers are monitored by automated systems that send alerts on failure. This includes customer’s network connections and optionally their systems. Nuetel has contracts with third party vendors to maintain certain equipment like CRACs, generators, and fire suppression systems. Nuetel has documented emergency recovery procedures that cover every kind of datacenter failure and it focuses first on prevention. Nuetel uses redundant systems to keep mean time to failure low. Nuetel keeps spare equipment for fast repairs to keep mean time to repair low.

See the data center specifications for more information.


This document has provided a brief summary of some of the key elements of the Nuetel data center specifications and procedures. This document is not intended to provide all information regarding procedures but provides enough information to give the overview.

Nuetel owns and operates our own Amwaj Island area datacenter providing us complete control over the quality of the hosting service we provide. Nuetel can host your web site, business application, and mission critical data in our state-of-the-art data center. You will get the highest reliability and performance with 100% network availability including our redundant gigabit fiber bandwidth connections to the Internet. Please review our data center specifications below and see why our Network Operations Center has some of the highest customer ratings in the Middle East.

Main Network Specifications and Datacenter Features

Nuetel’s data center was built using the TIA-942 data center standards and provides you with a fully redundant hosting solution for your business. Nuetel maintains the datacenter with scheduled maintenance on all critical datacenter systems. Nuetel has years of experience in managing a complex hosting environment for businesses. Our Network is made up of gigabit fiber connections coming from multiple providers to ensure your connection is always available. Call Nuetel at 00973-160-33-000 with your questions.

  • New data center was built to ANSI I TIA 942 DATACENTER STANDARDS
  • Data center is PCI compliant for credit card handling and handling of financial data
  • High Quality datacenter components including racks, cooling, and backup UPS systems
  • Multiple Physical POEs (points of entry) for fiber inputs into center
  • Capacity Planning – No fiber optic link will ever peak at more than 33% of its capacity 1000 MBPS (GigE) fiber connections for high bandwidth needs

100 MBPS connections (or better) to Nuetel’s routers and switches from your server is standard

  • Instant growth and scalability – Potential to install additional bandwidth at any time.
  • Redundant bandwidth carriers means no single point of provider failure
  • 42 U, 21 U, 14 U, locking cabinets supporting standard 19″ mounting rails
  • 50-amp 240 volt AC circuits, 3-phase 208Y circuits available. 60 Amps in each rack
  • Custom dedicated hosting, Co-location, and managed services available
  • We can work with you on creating a disaster recovery plan using trained specialists
  • Geographically stable (low disaster occurrence location)
  • Located just 5 km away from Bahrain International Airport, in Amwaj Islands, Kingdom of Bahrain.

Senior Level system administrators on call 24/7/365 with emergency phone numbers

Datacenter Power System Specifications:

The data center electrical power system contains fully redundant uninterruptible power systems (UPS) with CAT3412c diesel backup generator. Nuetel has regular scheduled maintenance checks on all power systems to ensure they will work when they are needed. You can trust Nuetel’s power system because we have proven the success of our infrastructure with zero failures and the regular checks.

  • Redundant Chloride (Emerson Network Power) UPS’s – uninterruptible power supply batteries, powers equipment
  • CAT3412c generator – Hospital-grade diesel generators provide for all datacenter operations
  • Dense high capacity circuit distribution to prevent circuit failures or load issues
  • 240 V AC and 208 V AC (single and three phase power availability) – 60 amps possible in each rack
  • 24/7 Electrical circuit load monitoring and management by trained professionals
  • N+ 1 Power Redundancy on all systems. No single point of failures possible
  • High Quality valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries providing backup at full load
  • Generator backup – 24 hours of on-site fuel plus emergency refueling service to resupply in an emergency
  • Uninterrupted transfer of power using high capacity UPS and Automatic Transfer Switch (A TS)
  • Transfer of power is completely automatic and transparent in the event of an outage
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance with certified power generator contractors
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of generator systems at Network Operations Center – NOC

Datacenter Cooling / Environmental Specifications:

The Nuetel data center has redundant HVAC systems, so at maximum cooling events a system can be completely down and it will not affect room conditions. Nuetel keeps the front

of our racks at between 69-70d to ensure your server equipment runs as efficiently as possible. Nuetel also controls the humidity in the center to ensure a long life for your equipment. As a third level of safety, Nuetel has fully mobile 8 ton air units that can be used during maintenance. Our setup ensures a cool environment for your equipment.

  • Redundant HV AC cooling capacity controlled to ( + / -) 2 degrees of 70 degrees
  • Denco datacenter grade air conditioners in N+ 1 setup to ensure 100% up-time.
  • Leak detection system – upon detection of any water near system, the leak detection will send an alarm
  • Equipped with high capacity HV AC data center grade systems installed by datacenter specialists
  • N+ I Redundancy on all cooling systems means we have no single point of failure
  • Data center environment maintained at optimal temperature and humidity levels for equipment
  • N+ I Power Redundancy on all systems. No single point of failures possible
  • 24/7/365 HV AC emergency service contracted by certified professionals with years of experience
  • Contracted maintenance with certified HV AC contractors
  • Computer controlled humidification system takes the guess work out of the controls
  • 10 foot ceiling height contributes to maintaining ambient air temp of70 degrees F
  • 2 foot raised floor for under floor cooling is very efficient for putting cold air on all racked equipment

Fire Detection and Suppression System Specifications:

The Nuetel data center is protected by dual fire protection systems. Nuetel maintains both FM200 water-less fire suppression and Fike dry pipe pre-action fire protection systems, thus allowing Nuetel to offer the best available fire protection in existence today. Nuetel has also placed the entire data center inside of a fire protected area to prevent fire from entering the center from an outside source. Careful planning and high end equipment ensures that your expensive investment is safe with Nuetel.

  • Full fire detection systems installed above and below racks in datacenter to address issues
  • Photoelectric early warning smoke detectors installed for early warnings
  • Heat detection warning systems act as secondary system to smoke detectors
  • FM-200 fire suppression system – safe gas based fire removal system addressing issues
  • Dual interlock pre-action dry pipe fire suppression systems for added protection
  • Water held outside critical equipment areas and is not directly above equipment
  • Fail-safe alarm system to prevent false discharge or tampering of system when armed
  • Server room has been fire-protected on all 4 walls to prevent fire creep from outside source
  • Zone-specific discharge of pre-action systems to limit negative effect of a discharge

Security Specifications for Datacenter:

Nuetel is committed to providing the highest level of security to safeguard your equipment 24 hours a day. With multiple levels of security, entry into the data center is restricted by proximity cards and access codes. Video surveillance and stringent data center escort requirements protect server access and our client’s equipment. Nuetel maintains over 90 days of electronic video coverage that can be reviewed at any time. Come in for a tour and find out why so many businesses choose Nuetel to safeguard their equipment.

  • Cement building with no windows in datacenter prevents entry or viewing of equipment
  • No signage describing Nuetel’s data center services on outside the building
  • Intrusion detection alarm systems in place throughout the datacenter
  • Event-driven, fixed mount digital Closed Circuit (CCTV) with digital archive
  • All entry, exit, and datacenter locations under video surveillance 24/7
  • Fail-safe alarm system to prevent false discharge or tampering of system
  • Card Access required to enter datacenter at all times
  • Database of individuals authorized to access the facility is used and monitored
  • Every individual rack in the datacenter is always locked with access code and key Serial numbers on equipment are recorded at entry and exit points in datacenter
  • Emergency pager and phone support to all clients for emergency priority
  • All access is electronically logged into a Nuetel client database via keycards.

Datacenter Operations Control Center Specifications:

 Nuetel has a state-of-the-art NOC to view and monitor our entire system. Nuetel employs professional system administrators that have been trained on emergency techniques and management of both Windows and Linux servers. Nuetel provides all of our clients 24/7/365 technical support in person or on the phone, and we also have a support ticket system for non-emergency issues. State-of-the-art high-resolution data audio/video screens to monitor data

  • Command consoles for control of local and remote systems in the datacenter
  • Secure, highly restricted access to operations center by trained staff only
  • Monitor and control of environmental systems – ex. electrical and cooling
  • Network systems 24/7/365 monitoring and management to ensure up time
  • Remote systems for backup service monitoring during non-business hours
  • Nuetel has highly trained system administers on staff at all times
  • Control Center (NOC) built from the ground up as a datacenter control room

Datacenter Conveniences For Nuetel Customers:

Nuetel offers items like roof access for customer equipment, customer convenience rooms, and other features that provide an added level of service to our customers. For example, Nuetel has a customer convenience room that will allow you to work quietly, eat lunch, or make a cup of coffee. We even have conference room space if you need to have a company meeting at Nuetel. If you have specific questions about our datacenter, please feel free to call us at any time. You can schedule a tour at any time by calling 16033000.

  • Full roof rights for antenna installations if your hosting environment needs access
  • We can mount most types of antennas with proper documentation and advanced planning
  • Roof portals for waterproof cable entry so that installation is easy and effective
  • Satellite or Cable TV can be brought into our center for specific needs
  • Special customer convenience room with kitchen, bathrooms, and quiet areas to work
  • On-site office space setup room that can be reserved without charge for current customers
  • Conference room with audio / visual facilities that can be reserved for special meetings
  • Fully functioning crash-carts in the datacenter so you don’t need to bring your own equipment
  • Staffed system administrators to answer your questions or meet with you on your setup
  • Access to all major telecommunications providers in the building. We offer Cross-Connects
  • The datacenter is kept clean and dust-free to ensure proper equipment functionality

Product and services:

Disaster Recovery telecommunication is aim to provide a number of services using the backbone of our data center.

  • Dedicated servers.
  • Sheared rack space.
  • Rack space.

Dedicated server:

Units that are built to a set of high specifications or Clients can specify their own specification requirements. Dedicated racks have been utilized for Dedicated Servers, these racks have secure access via Combination locks. These Servers are supplied with the necessary tools for you to utilize.

Shears rack space:

Dedicated racks are utilized for smaller individual companies that only require a single ‘u’ or maybe two or three. These racks again utilize the security of a Combination Lock.

Rack space:

Established organizations that offer hosting to their Clients and can benefit from rack space ranging from 11u to 42u. These racks, once again utilize the security of a Combination Lock.

The SLA Objectives for Availability are as follows:

Availability Objectives SLA
Site Availability 100%
Network Availability 99.999%
Power Availability 100%