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Managed Business Voice Services

Unified communications allows businesses to collaborate in real time using advanced applications from an integrated, easy-to-use interface

Today’s network-based business communications systems integrate multiple technologies into comprehensive systems designed to improve your business agility and profitability.

Unified Communications Streamlines Operations

Unified communications can help address the challenges faced by today’s organizations as they contend with increasingly complex environments that feature a wide array of communications methods.

Employees, business partners, and customers now conduct business using seemingly infinite combinations of phones, voice messaging, e-mail, fax, mobile clients, and rich-media conferencing.

Without unified communications, however, these tools are often not used as effectively as they could be. The result is information overload and misdirected communications that delay decisions, slow down processes, and reduce productivity.

Local calls within Bahrain, International calls to more than 200 destinations are provided at very competitive rates

Nuetel is operating a carrier-grade managed IP Telephony (IPT) service that is the first-of-its-kind in Bahrain. IP Telephony services are provided over high speed fiber to residents and companies directly connected to Nuetel’s network.

Local, international calling and value added services are provided as part of the telephony service. The telephony service offers advanced call management features such as CLI, inherent call forwarding, call on hold, call conferencing, integrated messaging, and possible ad hoc video conferencing using IP telephony connections.

IP Telephony Applications

Nuetel’s IP telephony provides wide range of applications, while the below features given are based on 7970 Colour Phone, the same applications are also available on 7940/7960 with different presentations.

Features : Weather Information

News Headlines

Airline (Flight Information)

Currency Converter


Camera Application

Contact Dialler

Instant Cast


Weather information

Benefits : You will receive your own telephone number which start with 160

Save money on international calls

Bundled packages for telephone and internet

Mobility: Get a unified view of calls, calendars, data, and e-mail anywhere, anytime, on any

wired or wireless device.

Collaboration: Share all types of media with voice, Web, or video conferencing participants.

Security: Extend comprehensive security throughout your network, from infrastructure

through call control devices and communications applications.

Choice: Open standards facilitate integration with applications from other industry leaders.

Nuetel proposes a variety of IP phones that suit all tastes and requirements, ranging from standard black and white one-line display phone to color, touch screen multi-featured phones.

For more information please contact our Sales team on 00973 16033000 or email sales@nue-tel.com

Advanced Telephony

A portfolio of dedicated feature services for IP Telephony is also provided. This will require an IP phone with a suitable display and can be ordered from our customer service. Weather Information, News Headlines Airline (Flight Information), Messages Reminder, Instant Cast, Prayer Time and Games.

Analog Services

Nuetel Communications provides analog connectivity over its fiber based IP network to allow connection of legacy cordless phones, answering machines, modems and fax machines. This will require an analog adapter which Nuetel Communications will install at the customer premises upon request.

Voice Mail

The Unity voice mail services allows callers to record messages to the person called when that person is not available, busy or doesn’t answer the phone. The voice mailbox is secure and replaces any standard answering machine. No one can access the voice mailbox except the owner of that mailbox. A unique mailbox identifier will be given to each subscriber. This identifier will be used when dialing a general voicemail number where messages can be retrieved, forwarded, saved or deleted.

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