Nuetel’s MPLS based service allows our customers to benefit from the flexibility of IP with the security of a private network. Our customers can interconnect all their locations easily and can access intranet, extranet and Internet applications over one connection.

MPLS based service technology builds a network that acts like an extension of your private corporate network on Nuetel’s network infrastructure. The result, ideally, is a fast and efficient means of making scattered places seem just like local sites, from workers homes to branch offices.

Access Design Options:

a. Single Homed

This option is considered being the most cost effective; the drawback of such solution is the risk of single point of failure caused by the CE, PE and the link, consideration shall be taken in case of service failure and restoring the service using backup solution. There are multiple ways for implementing service recovery (backup), bellow are some of the options that Nuetel can offer:

  • Internet: Using IPSec over GRE tunneling sites/branches that have internet access at customer Internet firewall can build backup topology. However, as a requirement, all sites must have internet access (ADSL/Inet dedicated)
  • Implementing Dual Homing over MPLS Access
Single Homed Access

b. Dual Homed with Single PE

The option of connecting a site with a single PE to dual CE’s provides protection against failures at either the device level or the link level.

Dual Homed Access with single PE

c. Dual Homed (Full Diversity)

Below access model provides the highest availability by eliminating all single point of failure and fully diversifying PE’s, CE’s, and Local Loop Links. Nuetel implements active-active (each running independent of the other) links which enable customers to push traffic on both links simultaneously.

Dual Homed Access (Full Diversity)

Access Media options:

a. Fixed leased line:

The option of connecting a customer site and Nuetel backbone through dedicated leased line. This can be either through copper or fiber depending on the required speed. Speeds can vary from 512 Kbps to 100 Mbps. This is considered a highly available and reliable service.

Fixed Leased Line

b. Licensed Microwave Links

The option of connecting customer site and Nuetel backbone through a licensed frequency microwave link. Licensed microwave has been proven to be highly reliable. Link availability can reach 99.999%. This option can be cost effective, especially for high bandwidths.

Licensed Microwave Links

Features and Benefits

  • Provides the ability to consolidate voice, video, and data functions on a single converged network
  • High availability and reliability
  • Simplified network management
  • Offers built-in security
  • Establishes and prioritizes traffic, providing Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Fast deployment with the help of working closely with clients to ensure smooth migration
  • Significant cost savings (more than XX% over legacy telco carriers and other MPLS VPNs providers when you switch to Nuetel)
  • Flexible bandwidth and network interface availability
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