Carrier Pre-select

Carrier Pre-select (CPS)

Carrier Pre-Select (CPS) is a telephony service, which allows you to connect to our network and benefit from our competitive international call rates up to 30% to 40% off, while retaining your existing numbers.

By using CPS your company can save hundreds and even thousands of BD per year on your international telephone call charges. Our CPS rates are competitive, provide per second billing and the convenience of monthly billing.

Why do I need CPS?

Deregulation of the telecoms market has allowed us to compete with telecom service providers, to offer you cheaper voice calls over our network. Carrier Pre-select (CPS) allows you to take advantage of our cost-effective voice services by using network access technology to route traffic originating from your site directly to our carrier-class, fiber-optic network.

The selection of Nuetel business services as your preferred provider is done automatically at the point of entry to the public voice network. You don’t have to dial extra digits, there is no traffic leakage and no need for additional equipment or programming.

Your physical phone line will still be owned, managed, and invoiced by your telecom service provider, you get to keep your existing number and we’ll simply bill you for international call charges.

We boast very competitive tariffs to the market, which could make a big difference to your organization’s international calls phone bills. Making the move is really easy.

24/7 quality service

We provide you with high-quality connectivity and voice services to any destination around the world. Our customer service staff available for you around the clock.

Making the move couldn’t be simpler

Just tell us which numbers you want to switch, along with the billing postcode, and we’ll take care of the rest! We will re-program your telephone number on their exchange equipment so that when you make a call, it is automatically re-routed to our network. There is no fee whatsoever for setting up this service and no standing charge, either you are just billed for the calls you make.

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