60 seconds with Nuetel CEO

60 seconds with Nuetel CEO

When did you join Nuetel? What was your work experience prior to joining?

I joined Nuetel as the CEO in December 2019. I have 35 years of experience in local and regional telecoms industry, serving leading companies in Bahrain, Jordan and Saudi Arabia in managerial and executive leading positions.

What differentiates Nuetel from other telecommunication companies?

Nuetel is a national triple play telecommunications operator in Bahrain with regional infrastructure and alliances. The company is honored to have built the Kingdom’s first advanced triple play services over a fiber optic Next Generation Network infrastructure to serve the smart city of Amwaj Islands.

Nuetel strives to be one of the Kingdoms most advanced telecommunications service providers, in terms of having the capability to deliver an end-to-end service tailored based on the requirements and needs of businesses and individuals.

What changes have taken place at Nuetel, or will be taking place?

To serve our customers better and faster, Nuetel has developed and started implementing a strategic expansion plan to revamp the current network with a full Next Generation Network (NGN). The target proposition gradually covers all infrastructure layers with its main parts specified for the Access, Core Network and Application layers including BSS/OSS systems.

The expansion venture shall enable the company to introduce value added services with state-of-the-art technological solutions, which will contribute in meeting the rapidly changing customer requirements. In addition, establishing a capable and reliable networking infrastructure to reach prospective residential and corporate customers across the Kingdom of Bahrain, which will contribute in the growth of the Kingdom’s national economy, is something we aim to do.

Nuetel Communications shall implement a dynamic competitive strategy that utilizes the implementation of advanced telecommunications technology and networking infrastructure to lower the operational cost for delivering services to customers, which will enable Nuetel to introduce an innovative set of residential and corporate packages with competitive pricing schemes to attract customers.

Nuetel sets out to become a value added telecommunications service provider in its industry that exploits all sources of cost advantage to offer prices at or near the industry average. Furthermore, the company seeks to be unique in its industry along some dimensions that are widely valued by customers.

The company shall focus on one, or more, sets of services that customers perceive as important, which include Internet data packages, DR, BCP and IPTV services. Nuetel aims to uniquely position itself to meet those needs, which are rewarded for its uniqueness with premium prices that will result in high profit yields.

Moreover, Nuetel seeks to establish a long-term valuable partnership agreement with partners through re-selling and revenue sharing concept agreements that aim to provide mutual benefit for all parties.

Are any new services being added?

We believe that the core company competitive advantage comes from the ability to deliver innovative services and state-of-the-art technological solutions that meet the customers’ needs. The company is proud to be  the first in Bahrain to combine the extensive use of IP for the integrated deployment and management of voice, data and video over fiber and copper networks.

Nuetel’s revamp project shall enable us to introduce new services that are not available currently, which will contribute in strengthening the company’s market position. We plan to facilitate the following in the short-term:

• Higher bandwidth packages: lucrative internet data packages for customers in terms of both capacity and speed will be introduced.

• Application based packages: Nuetel shall offer special and customized application-based packages for customers for social media and video sharing websites/applications.

• The company will offer targeted time-based packages for customers, which will include special time bounded offers for subscribers – free data extras and unlimited usage capacity for subscribers.

• Gaming packages offers: customized internet data packages for gamers, which will have better connection and speed for online gaming e.g. (Counter Strike and League of Legends) gaming websites.

• An integrated account billing portal: BSS/OSS solution that offer latest functionalities to ensure telecoms network capacity optimization, service quality, real time service delivery and customer support.

• The venture will enable the company to enter into international and regional datacom business.

• Nuetel plan to enter into international and regional Datacom business.

• Nuetel is currently working with partners to introduce cloud-based services.

• Nuetel is currently working with partners to introduce Internet of Things (IoT) based services.

• Nuetel is currently working with partners to introduce SD-WAN   based services.

• New Customers from Amwaj taking Comprehensive Policies will get a Limited period surprise gift

Does Nuetel only cater to Amwaj Islands, or has it expanded?

Nuetel started and focused on Amwaj Islands, but in in fact provides services to almost everywhere in Bahrain. For outside Amwaj, the focus at the beginning was on the corporate and business sector, but with the introduction of BNET, we are now racing against time to offer our services throughout the whole of the Kingdom.

What can Amwaj residents expect to see taking place at Nuetel? Do Amwaj residents receive any special offers?

We shall remain loyal to our customers in Amwaj due to the fact that Nuetel still exists because of them. Their satisfaction is our aim. Nuetel will spare no efforts to remain their first choice in terms of service, quality, and cost. We plan shortly to come up with promotional packages hoping it will receive the satisfaction of loyal customers. Loyalty programs will be introduced as a way of showing our appreciation to our Amwaj


Anything else you want to add about Nuetel?

We have played an important role and effectively participated in establishing Amwaj Islands as the Kingdom’s smart city icon and showcasing our set services and facilities. We strive to be a pioneer in providing smart communication services and innovative technological solutions in our pursuit to promote Bahrain as a smart community.

Our Values remain:

• CARE: We are loyal to and we care about our society; our customers; our staff and our shareholders…. all with a sense of urgency.

• EMPOWERMENT: We motivate; we engage; we share; we encourage; we work together… all with fun.

• INNOVATION: We think differently; we are flexible, creative and efficient…all whilst keeping an eye on the future.

• PASSION: We are simple yet inspired; committed; honest; proactive; confident…all with the utmost integrity.